Archived News For November 2002

21st Of November 2002 - TAUCP 2.2 Is Out Now! Top  ]

I've finally managed to get TAUCP 2.2 done and it is now up for grabs. This new version adds more tweaks, build menu rearrangements, new build pictures and changes to the standard gameplay (again) along with the usual additions and removals of units.

You may wonder why there are so many changes and tweaks in almost every version of TAUCP. The answer is simple: suggestions. I listen carefully to suggestions that everyone makes, regardless of how petty some of the suggestions may seem. But don't expect me to listen to the "wacky" kind of suggestions such as "can you make a krogoth fly" or some other absurb suggestions.

If you have a suggestion, don't hesitate to let me and everyone else know - start a thread in the forum. As i have promised earlier, i have uploaded the PC version of TAUCP to the FileFront FTP. So you can now download from either the FilePlanet servers or the FileFront servers, whichever one you prefer. So head on over to the TAUCP Files section to grab the latest version of TAUCP.

Have Fun - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

13th Of November 2002 - Poll, Additions & Removals Top  ]

I haven't been updating TAUCP Central lately as i've been quite busy setting up my new comp, here's the specs for those who want to know:

  • Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67 ghz)
  • MSI MS6380 KT3 ULTRA2 KT333
  • KINGSTON DDR 512 PC2700
  • MSI Geforce 4 MX 440
  • 16X LG DVD-ROM
The hardware isn't that great but it's good enough for me at the moment. Now back to business - here's the current list of additions and removals :
    New Units
  • Arm Pounder (Adv. Vehicle Plant) - Amphibious Mobile Plasma Battery
  • Core Gemini (Adv. Kbot Lab) - Guardian Kbot
  • Core M670 Misantrophe (Adv. Vehicle Plant) - 45mm Gatling Tank

  • Units Removed
  • Arm Gladius (Adv. Vehicle Plant - replaced by Arm Pounder)
  • Core Neutralizer (Adv. Kbot Lab)
  • Core Barracuda (Adv. Shipyard)
I've also posted a poll about which Arm "Big Fat Mama" build picture is better. I hope you guys can vote on which one is better (personally i prefer the newer one of course). Click here to cast your vote.

The next version of TAUCP will be delayed a bit and i can't give an exact release date as i'm still polishing some things up. Before i forget, you should be able to download TAUCP from the FileFront website in the near future (when TAUCP 2.2 is ready).

Stay Tuned - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

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