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Lava Corners (Large) is a 16 x 16 map that is inspired by Cavedog's Lava Highground Map that has four corners filled with more than sufficient metal deposits and steam vents. A very open map with lots of space for battle.

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This 10 x 10 map is actually a smaller version of the Lava Corners (Large) map. It is slightly larger than Lava Highground.

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Mars Corner (Large) is similar to Lava Corners but using a mars tileset instead. The water in between each corner is impassable. The map size is 16 x 16.

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This 10 x 10 map is the smaller version of Mars Corner (Large).

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Metallic Corners (Large) is somewhat a Metal tileset version of Lava Corners but it is unique on it's own. There are walls on all four corners that makes a good place to place defensive structures on top of it.

This map is 16 x 16 in size and has some steamvents as well.

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Metallic Corners (Small) is the smaller version of the above Metallic Corners (Large) which is a 10 x 10 map and can be considered as a "rush" map since it is quite small.

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Moon Walker uses the moon tileset and has some decent amount of metal deposits nearby the starting position with lots of room for battle (12 x 12 map)

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Metallic Arena is a 4 player 16 x 16 map that has lots of room for battle and more
importantly - the corners of this map provide a good place for picking up unsuspecting foes. There are steamvents in this map as well.

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