Archived News For June 2002

23rd Of June 2002 - TAUCP 1.8 Finally Released !

Yet another release after much waiting, TAUCP 1.8 is now up and ready for grabs. There's quite a number of new units this time around, but not without removing some of them of course.

I would like to remind TA:M users to download the Rev31 Setup Program, if you don't have it - you won't be able to run TAUCP properly. Here are the files :


PC Owners (Normal/OTA Version):

PC Owners (TA:Mutation Version):

AND here are the files for Mac Owners :

When installing, you will be prompted to select the installation type. Just select the appropriate version accordingly and proceed. TA:M users MUST make sure that they install BOTH the rev31.gp3 file via the Rev31.gp3 Setup for TAUCP 1.8 program along with the main TAUCP 1.8 setup.

Non-TA:CC users will NOT be able to use the TA:M version of TAUCP. You can still try, but i can't guarantee that it'll work.

TA:M Users : Make sure that you read the readme file carefully on how to enable TAUCP in TA:M.

Have Fun - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

11th Of June 2002 - Fan Work

Alan den Otter and Vince Wansink took their time and effort to create a nice Document format of the TAUCP Unit Descriptions for everyone - complete with build pictures ! Here are the files:

PC Owners:

Mac Owners:
Thanks Alan and Vince !

Stay Tuned - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

10th Of June 2002 - Next Release Info

Things have been very slow lately as i'm quite busy at the moment with college life - projects, studying and the like. But nevertheless, here's some info on the next release:


  • Increased Arm & Core SAM Missile damage slightly
  • Increased Arm ArchAngel's build time
  • Increased Arm Striker's weapon damage
  • Increased Core Grimani's weapon reload time slightly
  • Reduced Arm Ares & Core Vesuvius's (Mortar Tanks) weapon damage and weapon reload time
  • Reduced Core Howie's metal per shot requirement for its howitzer weapon
  • Possible nanotower bug when saving and loading savegames - may cause a crash
Build Menu Changes
  • Core Proteus has been moved to the Level 1 Vehicle Plant from the Adv. Vehicle Plant. Weapon and unit statistics have been adjusted accordingly
  • Core Gladiator (MAGMA) - Amphibious Siege Tank
  • Arm Bushindo (MAYHEM) - Tactical Fireball Tank (Modified)
  • Core Advocate (The Dojo / Conrad Units) - Elite Assault Kbot (Modified)
  • Removed Arm Dreadnought from Arm Adv. Hovercraft Platform
  • Removed Core G4 from Core Adv. Vehicle Plant
  • Removed Arm Gattler from Arm Adv. Vehicle Plant
I would like to hear everyone's suggestions on what you could like to see in TAUCP, whether it is just a simple tweak for the normal TA units or some improvements to existing 3rd party units, just give it a mention at the Forums. So don't expect me to come up with all the ideas - share your thoughts !

Stay Tuned - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

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