Archived News For July 2002

26th Of July 2002 - TAUCP In PC Gamer UK CoverDisc?

Yes, you've heard that right - Mark Sutherns, the Disc Editor of PC Gamer UK has e-mailed me requesting permission to include TAUCP in their upcoming issue of PC Gamer UK.

So I gleefully acknowledged his request to include TAUCP in the PC Gamer UK CoverDisc. Mark apparently spotted TAUCP through PlanetAnnihilation's new Mod Of The Week section (i think you guys should know that by now !).

According to Mark, TAUCP will be featured in issue 114 of PC Gamer UK which will be their October issue on sale on 4th September. So be on the lookout and get a copy if you can :)

This might be a bit too early, but I'd like to thank DarkYouth for providing the "overview" or write-up on TAUCP and for nominating it as the Mod Of The Week. Besides that, i'd also like to thank all of you who have contributed by providing feedbacks and timely suggestions in helping with the development of TAUCP.

Lastly but not the least, i'd like to thank Switeck and M. Kenyon for their awesome 3rd Party AIs and all the unit groups who have made some of the coolest 3rd party units around for TA, you guys did great !

Thank You All !

Have Fun, Lots Of It - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

18th Of July 2002 - TAUCP Unit Removal Guide

After seeing some people requesting for this sort of guide, i have decided to write it, so here it is:

For PC OTA Versions of TAUCP Only:

The guide was made for people who want to remove a specific unit from TAUCP. The guide shouldn't be too difficult to understand, but if you don't - then it's best to forget about removing units from TAUCP. I don't recommend "newbies" to try doing it, but if you insist - go ahead.

Just as long as you don't screw up anything major in your TA folder and come screaming at me like some idiots have in the past.

Some people don't read the readme files, some don't read the disclaimers that i have written specially for this unit pack - in all, use TAUCP and even this guide - AT YOUR OWN RISK. I don't want to be rude or anything, but i had to say all that to save myself from a lot of trouble. It's the same reason why i wrote the disclaimers as well.

Anyway, if you have any problems or doubts (with the guide), you can post it in the forums.

Have Fun - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

9th Of July 2002 - TAUCP 1.8 Mirror

I've uploaded TAUCP 1.8 to, where you can get the file there if the Primary FilePlanet links are slow or busy - only the PC Version of TAUCP is available. Here are the links :

PC Owners Only:

Have Fun - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

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