Archived News For August 2002

30th Of August 2002 - Some Info

Things have been very quiet lately in the TA scene, but i've been working hard on something for the next release of TAUCP. Here's a peek:

It's something that some of you wanted in the past, but i wasn't able to deliver it at that time. But now, it'll be ready for TAUCP 2.0 which shouldn't take too long to be released. This frontend, as you may have noticed is only for PC/OTA owners. Meaning that TA: Mutation and Macutator owners can't use it (they don't need to) because TA:M and Macutator can already do what this frontend does.

You will be able to select which "section" of the unit pack that you don't want to load during gameplay (which may result in speedier load times) and this will also let you add certain 3rd party units to your TA folder manually (which i am NOT liable for anything that happens, if it crashes and such). I will NOT offer separate sections for downloading. Meaning that you will STILL download 1 large file and NOT several separate sections.

When this version is released, there will NOT be an upgrade patch from 1.9 to 2.0 due to the new format, so be prepared :)

Stay Tuned - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

21st Of August 2002 - TAUCP 1.9 Mirror is up

As promised, the mirror for TAUCP 1.9 files are now up at Ultimate-Strategy. Thanks goes to Tony Baird for uploading them.

Mirror Site (for PC Owners only):

The mirror site contains TAUCP 1.9 (full), TAUCP 1.8 to TAUCP 1.9 patch and TAUCP 1.9 Rev31.gp3 for TA:Mutation users.

Have Fun - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

18th Of August 2002 - TAUCP 1.9 Is Now Up For Grabs!

After two months since the last version was released, the wait is now over ! This new release incorporates the much needed balancing towards the air units, most notably, the Arm Liche is now more "affordable", costing a lot less and takes less time to build it.

The weapon reload time, weapon damage and unit speed has been toned down to meet with the reduction of cost. However, cloaking the unit still costs the same, 250 energy while it is stationary and 1000 energy while it is moving. Ok enough talk, go grab the files :)

Notice: If the links below don't work OR it shows you a FILE NOT FOUND error or something similar - try clicking on the download link(s) again, this sort of problem happens quite often with FilePlanet servers. Also, please ensure that you have enabled JavaScript for your browser.


PC Owners (Normal/OTA Version):

PC Owners (TA:Mutation Version):
AND here are the files for Mac Owners :
As you may have probably noticed, i did NOT include the text version of the units description. From this release onwards, the text version will be discontinued, so you will have to check the descriptions out from the DOC/PDF version of the unit descriptions or from the TAUCP manual itself. A mirror for the PC version of TAUCP 1.9 should be out soon at Ultimate-Strategy.

Go Wreck Some Havoc - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

14th Of August 2002 - Next Release Info/Changelog

Here's the latest changelog for TAUCP 1.9 :


  • Reduced Core Dragon's max damage, cost and build time significantly
  • Reduced Core Siegfried's max damage, increased build time and metal cost
  • Reduced Core Krow's max damage and increased build time slightly
  • Reduced Arm Liche's build time, weapon reload rate, energy cost, weapon damage (towards normal units), max velocity and increased max damage
  • Increased Arm K64's metal cost
  • Increased Arm Chopper's max damage, metal cost, build time and reduced max velocity (unit speed)
  • Arm Tomcat from Adv. Aircraft Plant (Reason: Votes)
  • Core Rex from Adv. Vehicle Plant (Reason: Too Powerful)
  • Arm Perforater (Wormhole Productions) - Modified name that was originally called "striker"
  • Core Karnajjar (MADTA)
As you can see, the Arm Tomcat has been removed due to the number of votes against having it in TAUCP. I have made myself clear that i will (and already have) balance out the air units to meet with this change.

More To Come - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

11th Of August 2002 - TAUCP Back on track

I realised that i haven't been updating the site that often lately, but all that is going to change soon (after i get some rest) as i have just completed my Higher Diploma studies in Computer Systems, and am awaiting for my moderated results.

So you should be able to see TAUCP being updated soon enough, once i'm able to get back to TA at full speed, TAUCP 1.9 should be ready in no time.

Stay Tuned - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

1st Of August 2002 - POLL: Should Tomcat Be Removed?

It's time for a poll: should the Arm Tomcat be removed? Cast your votes here.

Stay Tuned - Malcolm Lim A.k.a CyberKewl

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